Places not to be missed


What to visit in Tuscany? The region is renowned throughout the world both for the countless and prestigious works of art scattered throughout its territory, and for the undoubted beauty of the landscape.

The undiscovered cultural history of the Tuscany region has made it one of the most representative places of the entire Western civilization, while its language has long been the reference of cultured Italian.

Undoubtedly destinations such as Florence, Siena and Pisa deserve to be visited and admired, but these cities are not the only ones worth dwelling on.

The villages to visit in Tuscany, such as San Gimignano and Certaldo, are many and all suggestive, also given the diversity of their origins. Suffice it to say that some of the villages to visit, because they are more representative, have their roots in the Middle Ages, in the Etruscan era, but, in some cases, even much further back in time.

Thanks to the temperate climate, with a mild winter and a long and dry summer, Tuscany is a destination for both cross-border and national tourism.

The rolling hills and luminous countryside of Tuscany, cultivated with love and wisdom, give life to eno-gastronomic products of great value, universally recognized, such as Chianti, to be savored and tasted.

Very famous and now an institution, Chianti wine, which finds one of its highest expressions in the Certaldo area, achieved the maximum DOCG qualification in 1984, maintaining it to this day with great merit.

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